In the last 3-4 years there is a great interest in the cultivation and processing of aloe vera in Greece. The most organized efforts have begun in Crete where the aloe vera farming area increases. In addition, new aloe vera farmers appear in Aegean islands and in Peloponnese.

The product produced from the plant Aloe vera is Aloe gel from the interior of the leaf. The production of the gel takes place in a processing unit which resell the final product. The final product can be aloe juice, cosmetics aloe, bulk stabilized aloe gel, aloe powder or capsules, and aloe pills. The type of end product depends on the type of market that is going to be sold.

Because the development of the sector is at an early stage right steps must be done in order to create the foundation for the exploitation of aloe vera as a product that can be profitable to all and simultaneously start a collaboration among existing / future processors, farmers and potential customers of Greek finished aloe vera products.

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