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We provide advisory and technical support services to our clients functioning in the food and beverages sector, such as companies that produce agricultural products, foodstuffs, prepared foodstuffs, processing milk, juice / drinks and spirits Services: Training our clients’ staff in food safety and quality management systems and the relevant European legislation Marketing (Export marketing) /…
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We provide integrated business consulting services that cover all stages of the food supply chain (“from farm to shelf”). We specialize in the following product subcategories: olive oil - olives, wine, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, Corinthian currants.


  • Preparation of investment proposals and portfolios on behalf of our clients in ensuring that they take advantage of National and European funding programs including project management
  • Business planning
  • Marketing plans and market research studies
  • Developing and implementing food safety and quality management systems as well as integrated crop management systems (Agro, Global GAP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, Tesco Nature’s Choice)
  • Designing the functional operation of processing plants in the agrifood sector
  • Training agrifood enterprises towards export and extroversion
  • Farm consultancy services


We offer advisory services to our clients in the agribusiness sector to ensure the protection of the environment is achieved through the implementation of international standards. We seek to maximize the environmental awareness among all stakeholders of the food supply chain. Services: Environmental Eco-Footprint Life Cycle Analysis of Products and Services Development and implementation of…
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We provide advisory and technical support services to government authorities, municipalities and perfectures in order to ensure that they take advantage of European and National funding programs. We also search, on behalf of our clients, for opportunities to achieve partnerships between public bodies and foreign public or private entities. Services: Technical consultants in projects undertaken…
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